Jimi Smoot

3D Printing Medical Shields

Some friends and I have been printing face shields for hospitals / pharmacies who are in desperate need of them.

Some folks have asked me about how they can get involved so I put together this quick guide.

If you have any additional questions please reach out.

Recent Deliveries

Why shields? I heard doctors need masks?

The N95 masks that doctors wear are designed to be single use but the supplies are very limited.

These N95 masks are super critical in helping prevent doctors from getting sick, but with the supply and logistics constraints of getting new masks in the field using a mask one time is not feasible. The result is that doctors end up reusing masks that they have used before which increases the risk that the doctor could get sick.

Making N95 masks in the field is also not feasible due to the standards that the mask needs to have.

Extending the re-usability of these masks is absolutely critical given the constants.

Enter the face shield.

A face shield acts as a barrier that prevents splatter from getting on the doctor or nurses face --or the mask that is on their face. This means that the shield ends up being a hack that allows the N95 masks that doctors do have to be reused.

How are the shields used?

Shields are used during procedures that involve aerosolizing fluids or while doctors are doing an “intubation" --putting a tube the patents airway so that the patient can get help breathing from a machine.

The intubation process, I’m addition to other procedures, can sometimes cause splatter. If the patient has COVID-19 or something else this splatter could infect the doctor.

Can't hospitals buy shields?

Yes under normal situations hospitals can find and purchase shields from their supply vendors. However, right now there is a shortage of these supplies because of the overwhelming demand due to so many people getting sick so quickly.

The result is that doctors are going into doing their work without the things they need to keep from getting sick themselves.

Are you selling the shields?

No. I'm giving them away. Prioritizing county and underfunded hospitals first since they are likely to have limited mask supply.

I'm a medical worker and want to order shields for my team or myself

To order shields fill out this form and we will reach out to you for more information:


I don't have a 3D printer, how can I get involved?

You dont need a 3D Printer to build a shield and save a life. The NYU has designed a great design that needs no 3d printing. Check it out here

Or you can also donate via our GoFundMe by clicking here

I have a printer, how can I get involved

You have 2 options to get involved:

  1. You can print the visor and do the assembly yourself --see details below
  2. You can print the visor and drop it off for assembly contact me to coordinate

Print details

Right now I am printing the 3DVerkstan Design.

You can get the original design here

Update: I've been printing a better 3 hole punch design of the 3DVerkstan model. This allows for easier assembly. You can find the model by clicking here.

Print time on my PRUSA I3 MK2s takes about 40 min per unit, I can get better efficiency by printing 2 units at a time.


Assembling 3D Printed Face Shields

Parts required: