Jimi Smoot

About Me

Hi my name is Jimi. I fell in love with building software when I was 14 years old and am fortunate that I am able to do the thing that I love every day.

In 2011, I built what is now known as the Bishop Video Platform while working full time as an Innovation Manager in the advertising industry. Although Bishop started as a side project, it generated seven figures in revenue its first year and was acquired by PK4 Media in 2012. After the acquisition I joined PK4 Media and served as Vice President of Product & Technology for two years. During my tenure I rebuilt the engineering team and most of the company's technology infrastructure before leaving to start another company.

More recently, I founded the product studio Octavius Labs to help companies grow by rethinking their product and technology strategy.

In my spare time these days I like to pilot airplanes, read, and hang around Los Angeles with my wife, kids, and doggie son Alejandro.

Little known fact: During my time studying Marketing and Communications at the University of Nevada Las Vegas I worked as an Audio Engineer and Disc Jockey to pay the bills. I also somehow convinced the music school to give me a scholarship for Jazz Trombone and Marching Band.

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Reach out at on Twitter: @jsfour

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