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Lightning Network BOLT by BOLT Talk By Jim Posen

About a month ago, I reached out to Elizabeth Stark asking her for a recommendation on someone who could come talk to the LA Blockchain Developer community about Lightning Network.

She immediately recommended Jim Posen who, at the time, was working at Coinbase on the protocol team. We scheduled an event and I was able to record Jim’s amzing (and deeply technical) talk.

In this talk, Coinbase protocol team member Jim Posen dives into the technical details of the Lightning Network peer-to-peer protocol that is live in beta today. He covers how nodes connect to each other, form a network of payment channels, and send payments to each other across this network.

More info on Jim:

Jim Posen is a software engineer on the protocol team at Coinbase, where he contributes to open source projects such as Bitcoin Core and the Lightning Network Daemon. Previously Jim led the Coinbase payments team while it rebuilt the Bitcoin backend in a service-oriented architecture and added support for Ethereum.

This is an amazing, but fairly technical, talk so I recommend that you grab a coffee and check it out.

For more information on the LA Blockchain Developer community click here to check out our meetup page

Thanks to Jim Posen for putting together the talk, SFOX for their continued support on these meetups. Marching Penguin for helping with the video and CrossCampus for the space.

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