Jimi Smoot Entrepreneur / Software Engineer

Turns out that I’m wealthy

This morning I was out walking with my daughter Brynn and puppy Alejandro. On our way back I got into a conversation with a lady about a guy in the Marina who won the lottery a few years ago. As the conversation wrapped up, the woman said “do you know you are really wealthy?”

I thought for a second about how odd it was to have this conversation surrounded by luxury yachts. Then, with a confused look on my face, I replied: “yeah…???”

She said: “You’re walking your dog, hanging with your baby, drinking a coffee, that’s what life’s all about. Like I said, wealthy.”

The conversation came to a natural end and as we continued with our walk I though to myself; ‘She’s right. Despite what my bank account ever says, I am wealthy’

What a great reminder about the things that are important in life.

Tags: life and philosophy